Introducing the Ultimate Metal Fabricator's Companion

Discover the latest in field fabrication innovation with the CN-Seamless Mach 1, the world's first truly portable and easy to use CNC oxy-acetylene torch.

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Cutting made easy with the CN-SeamlessMach 1

The rugged and portable design of the CN-Seamless™ Mach 1 boasts a robust electromagnet base and adjustable gas control for effortless steel cutting. Operated using a touchscreen tablet with intuitive software, this machine redefines ease and precision in steel cutting, all backed by the high-precision performance of AC servo motors.

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Lightweight Design

At just 25 lbs, the CN Seamless Mach 1 offers exceptional maneuverability, making it easy to mount on steel plates or industrial equipment.

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Portable Solution

Effortlessly transport the CN-Seamless™ Mach 1 to any location on the jobsite, thanks to its convenient storage in a compact 24" x 19" x 9" case.

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Easy Setup

Simply plug into a standard electrical outlet, connect your gas supply, and start cutting.

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Precision Cutting

AC Servo motors drive precision cuts in up to 6" thick steel.

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Touchscreen Controller

With your touchscreen tablet, you can wirelessly control your machine anywhere on the jobsite.

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Electromagnet Base

Mount your machine directly to any steel workpiece with an advanced electromagnet base.

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Tunable Gas Control

Easily set the perfect fuel ratio for your cut and maintain control of your torch.

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Prepare for the Future

Future-proof your team with our modular cutting attachment system.

Maximize your team's fabrication productivity with CN-Seamless.

The patent-pending CN-Seamless cutting solution weighs less than 45 pounds and can be folded into a compact 24" x 19" x 9" envelope.

Connect to oxygen and acetylene gas supplies and bring the power of precision torch cutting with you anywhere on the jobsite. Rapid setup, intuitive operation, and seamless cleanup makes the CN-Seamless Mach 1 a must-have for field fabricators.

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CN-Seamless inside its case

The Ultimate Welder's Companion

Introducing the patent-pending CN-Seamless Mach 1, designed to be your ultimate steel fabrication solution, no matter the environment.

With its robust construction, powerful motors, precise cutting, and user-friendly touchscreen controller, cutting steel has never been more seamless. This versatile package caters to fabrication teams everywhere, offering affordability without compromise.

Witness the capabilities of the CN-Seamless™ Mach 1 through a live demonstration. Submit a quote request to learn more!

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Upload any 2D CAD file, or use the CN-Seamless touchscreen to create custom geometry, shapes, and patterns. Save your designs directly to the tablet.

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Orient Anywhere

Once you have finalized your cut design, indicate the location and orientation of your machine to cut in the right place every time.

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Modify Materials

Achieve the optimal cutting parameters for your torch and material thickness. This allows for a perfect match to the material and type you are working with on-site. Optimize your cutting process with precision and efficiency.

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Cut With Precision

Experience the art of precise cutting and witness your creation come to life. Initiate the process effortlessly with just a single tap.

Experience a Live Demo!

Be among the first to witness the CN-Seamless Mach 1 through a free live demonstration. Request a quote to learn more!

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