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Our Team History

A company formed to make the power of CNC robotics accessible to the everyday fabricator.

Man holding CN Seamless
Man holding CN-Seamless

The Inspiration

During his time working in the service department of a steel mill, Sam observed highly skilled welders spending an astonishing amount of time cutting holes with an oxy-acetylene torch. A seemingly simple task, was difficult to automate because the equipment being serviced was too large to maneuver to a CNC table.

Sam, Josh, and Dario met in the engineering college at NC State University and were inspired to invent a machine that could be brought to the metal. Years later, they released the Mach 1 and delivered portable fabrication capabilities to some of the largest industrial companies in North Carolina.

Working With Us

We have experience learning from some of the largest fabricators, constructors, and manufacturers in North Carolina. We know our current products may not be the perfect fit for every application, and that's why we seek to learn from our customers and determine the best path for them. Whether it's our off-the-shelf products, custom solutions, or referrals to our vast network, we're confident that engaging with the CN-Seamless team will result in a mutually beneficial relationship.


Sam Marcom
Sam Marcom

Sam is an engineer and fabricator who enjoys creatively solving customers' largest pain points.

Dario Muller
Dario Muller

Dario is an experienced hardware engineer who leads innovation and customer-specific software solutions.

Josh Cooper
Josh Cooper

Josh is a mechanical engineer with aerospace design experience and an interest in learning from fabricators across all industries.

Emily Davis
Marketing Manager

Emily is a creative marketer who drives brand awareness and customer engagement.

Michael Brown
Sales Manager

Michael is a results-oriented sales leader who drives revenue growth.

Sarah Wilson
HR Manager

Sarah is a people-focused professional who ensures a positive work environment.

Schedule a Live Demo!

We come to you with everything needed to perform a 30 minute demonstration of the Mach 1. Let us know if you want to cut something specific and we'll make it happen!

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Our Awards and Recognitions

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