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Our Team History

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way automation is implemented in the field, providing lightweight, precise, and easily deployed machinery that improves efficiency, safety, and quality on the jobsite.

Man holding CN Seamless
Man holding CN-Seamless

Our Company History and Background

At CN-Seamless, we have a rich history and extensive background in the manufacturing industry. With years of experience and expertise, we are committed to delivering high-quality CNC oxy-acetylene torch cutting products that meet the needs of our customers.

Meet Our Team

We have a talented team dedicated to delivering excellence.

Sam Marcom
Sam Marcom

Sam is a Mechanical and Electrical engineer with experience in the welding and fabrication industries, focused on solving the biggest problems when working with metal.

Dario Muller
Dario Muller

Dario is an experienced hardware engineer who brings modern electronic solutions to the CN-Seamless.

Josh Cooper
Josh Cooper

Josh is a mechanical engineer focused on building relationships with customers to learn how to best adapt the CN-Seamless for our industries.

Emily Davis
Marketing Manager

Emily is a creative marketer who drives brand awareness and customer engagement.

Michael Brown
Sales Manager

Michael is a results-oriented sales leader who drives revenue growth.

Sarah Wilson
HR Manager

Sarah is a people-focused professional who ensures a positive work environment.

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Our Awards and Recognitions

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CN-Seamless Mach 1